William de la Cruz Photography


I've been blessed to do what I love as my everyday job.

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my page. My name is William de la Cruz and I was born and raised in a little Caribbean island called Puerto Rico. Photography has been my life since I held a camera for the first time 10 years ago in college, I started out as a photojournalist in a Puerto Rican newspaper company where I developed a feel for special moments and seeing different perspectives. My journey in the Wedding industry kind of happened by accident and thank God for that. One of my good friends was getting married and as a gift I decided to snap some pictures in his wedding despite the fact that I thought wedding photography was tacky and boring (boy was I wrong). Once I experienced the art of capturing precious moments and emotions I was sold. I've been doing Weddings full time for 8 years now and could not be happier.

I love having good conversations and consider myself a people's person. To me it goes hand and hand with building great chemistry to have perfect wedding results.

My goal is to capture special moments you can treasure your whole life and make you revisit them over and over again forever. I Want to show your essence in impactful ways so when you show your pictures people can go "Wow! That's the photographer I want for my wedding". I'm always in search of different compositions and quality of light to make interesting and compelling pictures as I see things through my lens. We work hard on wedding days and always take pride in what we do.. the only thing you need to do is have fun and leave the rest to us.