Wedding at El Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

¡13 de abril-Herrero Bofill! This was the official chant of Alicia and Fernandos wedding day. Since we arrived to the hotel Alicia and Fernando were so relaxed and ready to have the time of their lives. At one point in the reception Alicia turns and told me «William.. Im having a Fu$%^ great time» which…

Wedding at El Hotel San Juan

It was a long time since we worked in the beautiful Hotel San Juan in Isla Verde. I was happy to see that it stills have the same magic as before. Ivelisse and Emmanuel booked us 3 years ago but they’re wedding was postponed by Hurricane Maria. When we met I instantly fell in love…

Wedding at El Antiguo Casino

A lot of familiar faces in this wedding. Giovanna and Jose had the type of wedding you want to repeat over and over again. Since we arrived to Giovannas house we felt the good vibes and everybody was so ready to have a great time.. and did they! They had a beautiful ceremony in La…

Wedding at Rincon Beach Resort

Hot sunny day with blue skies.. thats the perfect recipe for a beautiful Caribbean Wedding. Nathalia and Jesús decided to get married on th west side and by now you should know what that means… yes.. beautiful sunsets (which Im a sucker for). Tears were shed, laughter shared and everybody had a great time.Wish you…

Wedding at Hacienda Campo Rico

Lots of love, lots of laughter and a ton of family and friends. Natalia and Pedro had a blast last Saturday in Hacienda Campo Rico and so did I. Cant stress enough how important is to enjoy such an important day.. they sure did and this is the outcome. Planner: Alexandra Rodriguez Event Planner Venue: Hacienda Campo Rico…

Tiffany + Oscar

[vc_row][vc_column width=»1/4″][vc_column_text]   Tiffany and Oscar made yesterday’s Wedding memorable. It just feels so good when everyone is enjoying and having fun. Let’s do it again!   Planner: Momentus Special Events & More Venue: Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Prep: Olive Boutique Hotel Decor: Emilio Olabarrieta Event Atelier Cake: C+M Cake Designers Video: Borton…

Emina + Matthew

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Emina and Matthew came to Puerto Rico to PARTY and it was accomplished. These two complement each other so well they made my job very easy.  Enjoy this beautiful Wedding


Venue:Hotel El Convento

Decor: STEM

Wedding Planner: Momentus Special Events & More

Music: Joel Bigj

Video: NDF Films


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Wedding at Royal Isabela

Never going to get tired of saying the west side in Puerto Rico is my favorite. I met Lorinet and José R. this year and right off the bat I loved our chemistry. They are very down to earth and they smile 24/7 so they made my job super easy haha. Enjoy this beautiful Wedding…

Lisa + Pablo

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Wedding Planner: Barbie Diaz, Babi Díaz

Venue:  Hotel Vanderbilt

Cake: C+M Cake


When you combine to awesome families and an epic couple there is really not much to say.. Enjoy Lisa and Pablo’s Wedding

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