About William de la Cruz

I’ve been blessed to do what I love as my everyday job.

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my page. My name is William de la Cruz and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Photography has been my life since I held a camera for the first time. I started out as a photojournalist in a Puerto Rican newspaper company where I developed a feel for special moments and seeing different perspectives. My journey in the Wedding industry kind of happened by accident and thank God for that. One of my good friends was getting married and as a gift I decided to snap some pictures in his wedding despite the fact that I thought wedding photography was tacky and boring (boy was I wrong). Once I experienced the art of capturing precious moments and emotions I was sold. I’ve been doing Weddings full time for 6 years now and could not be happier.

I love having good conversations, I consider myself a great listener and a people’s person. To me it goes hand and hand with building great chemistry to have a perfect wedding.

My goal is to capture special moments you can treasure your whole life and make you revisit them over and over again forever. I’m always in search of different compositions and quality of light to make interesting and compelling pictures as I see things through my lens. I work hard on wedding days and I always take pride in what I do.. the only thing you need to do is have fun and leave the rest to me.



Do you bring an assistant?

Yes I do, It is important as a wedding photographer to always have an extra pair of hands to maximize the quality of work.

How many pictures do you typically provide?

All weddings are different, it all depends on the time of coverage the client choose. Usually I deliver from 400 to 600 images.

Will any photos be retouched and/or enhanced?

Every image delivered to our client is finished and beautifully edited.

Do you attend to Wedding rehearsals?

Rehearsal coverage is available on demand as an additional service.

Can you recreate “x” or “y” Photographers style.

No, what you see in my website and social media is the product my clients receive. There are different photographers to suit certain people’s taste. I cover weddings in a very journalistic style, I love dramatic lightning in my pictures and capturing spontaneous moments. If you like my style you will love the finished product.

Do you cover every detail?

I certainly do. Photography is the only thing you will have apart from the memories so I make sure I have every single detail for you and future generations to treasure.

Typically, how much time does it take before you will send us the photos following the wedding?

Usually I deliver the finished images in 60 days or less after the wedding day.

When will we receive our album?

The album process starts  right after the client receives the finished images. Client has up to 9 months to deliver the selection before the book to a fee due to increases in yearly production costs.

Will we be able to see the album before sending it to production?

Absolutely, all albums most be approved before sending it to production.

More questions?

Clients’ Testimonials

Customer Satisfaction is my priority.
I appreciate every word and tertimony of their satisfaction.


I have to tell you that we just LOVE our photo gallery.  You captured everything and every time I look at the pictures I wish to have that day back.  Thank you so much – you are truly a gifted artist!  Scott and I joke that we should crash your wedding when you two finally tie the knot yourselves because we just enjoyed having you both so much at ours – sadly I have no artistic skills so I cannot offer you a complete photo package – lol!  Thank you!

Caroline & Scott

I met William many years ago and experienced his professionalism and great charisma. And ever since i have known him and got to see his work he has been my favorite photographer. When I knew the day of my wedding was coming I immediately knew who to call. My wedding was a dream and he took the most perfect photos that will make me remember this day forevermore.

Grace & Carlos Javieric

We could not have ask for a better photographer. William you are truly amazing, God bless your talent.

Gloriely & Eddie

William we are very happy and thankful for being a part of our Wedding. Julie and you are extremely talented persons. You capture the most important day of our lives.. We are eternally grateful.

Marinell & Jean Carlo

William, Words cannot describe how absolutely amazing our Engagement session and Wedding pictures are. We will be eternally grateful with all that you did for us. From start to finish the service we received was fantastic. All of our guest’s commented on how friendly, professional, organized and hard working you were. Thank you, thank you thank you … YOU MADE OUR DAY PERFECT.

Zenaida & Stephen

Looking at our wedding photos and smiling every time reminds us that having William as our photographer was the best decision we made. His determination to really capture every detail and the essence of what made our day special was evident. No other way to describe it as excellence all the way around.

Natasha & Fuster